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Besides the manual operation of the V&F analyzers with the V&F Client Software, V&F offers several optional interfaces, which can be used to automatically control our analyzers from any master system.

  • V&F AK-Interface
  • V&F Connect
  • V&F EtherCAT
  • V&F OPC Server
  • V&F Sensor Interface

V&F AK-Interface

The AK interface is a widely used interface in the automotive industry for communication between the engine test bench system and various analyzers. Technically, an AK interface is based on either a serial RS232 or an Ethernet communication.
The AK protocol is a so-called master-slave protocol, where the analyzer always works as a slave. The analyzer will therefore only respond to requests from the Master. The analyzer will never start a communication task itself.
A response telegram is sent back to each command to the analyzer.

V&F Software Icon AK Interface

Interfaces V&F Analyzer Used As Multiplexer

V&F Connect

The V&F Connect program is installed on an external PC and contains some DLL files which perform all communication with the V&F Server software in the V&F analyzer in the background. 
In addition to the DLL files, the Microsoft .net framework must be installed on the external PC.
Based on this communication technology, external programs such as LabVIEW can interact with the V&F server software and control the V&F analyzer by, for example, changing the configuration, starting measurements, receiving results, etc.

V&F Software Icon Connect Interface

Interfaces V&F Connect Overview

V&F EtherCAT

The V&F EtherCat interface enables rapid communication between host systems and the V&F analyzers. Via this V&F provided interface, the analyzers can be integrated and controlled in very fast processes. This interface is used, for example, when detecting contaminants in refillable PET bottles prior to refilling.

V&F Software Icon Ethercat Interface

Interfaces V&F Ethercat Basic Overview

V&F OPC Server

OPC (Open Platform Communications) is an important standard in automation for networking different systems. V&F offers the option of integrating their analyzers as part of automated processes via this interface. The most modern form of this typology, the OPC UA standard, is used. The OPC interface thereby makes it possible to address and integrate V&F analyzers via a widely used standard.

V&F Software Icon OPC Interface

OPC Unified Architecture - The Industrial Interoperability Standard

OPC Unified Architecture - The Industrial Interoperability Standard

V&F Picture Logo OPC UA

V&F Sensor Interface

The V&F Sensor Interface was developed to integrate the V&F analyzers into very fast automation processes.
The sensor interface includes a serial interface and a digital input. The digital input is used to start a measuring sequence. This enables precise synchronization of an analyzer measuring cycle with the surrounding process.

V&F Software Icon Sensor Interface

Interfaces V&F Sensor Interface Basic Overview
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