Real-time measurement of styrene from polystyrene packaging material


Polystyrene is one of the most commonly used plastics - mainly as protective packaging. It is based on monomer styrene, which is hazardous to health. Polystyrene is regularly used in the food industry as packaging for chocolates, salads, or margarine. It is useful for producers of packaging as well as food to know the amounts of styrene that leak from the packaging. A significant amount of the styrene monomer can accumulate in food products when exposed to higher temperatures, e.g. in summer or after interruption of the cold chain.


V&F's AirSense Ion Molecular Reaction Mass Spectrometer (IMR-MS) uses advanced proprietary technology to detect even the smallest amounts of styrene released from polystyrene packaging. Results are available immediately, and real-time emission profiles of styrene can be generated. Sample preparation is not necessary.

Photo Industry Solution V&F Packing Styrol


V&F On-line mass spectrometers provide immediate measurement results. Common methods for analyzing styrene are gas chromatography based instruments, which may require measurement times in the range of hours. IMR technology can analyze many times more samples within this time. V&F technology can help to guarantee high product quality and consequently customer satisfaction.


  • Real-time analysis of styrol
  • No sample preparation
  • Direct measurement

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