Electron impact mass spectrometer (EI-MS)


The PEMSense is an electron impact mass spectrometer (EI-MS) for rapid measurement of H2, N2, O2, H2O und CO2 on PEM fuel cells.

The analyzer is equipped with a dual sample gas inlet. On the anode side with a gas flow of < 60 ml/min and on the cathode or exhaust gas with a gas flow of < 3000 ml/min.

Typical applications

  • Fuel cell testing
  • Fuel cell development
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Functional diagram

Function Principle V&F PEMSense

Success stories

Automotive industry

Measurable compounds

Permanent gas
DesignationChemical formula
Carbon monoxideCO
Carbon dioxideCO2
DesignationChemical formula
Noble gases
DesignationChemical formula
DesignationChemical formula


Technical Data
Technical DataEI-MS
Mass range1 - 100 amu
Resolution< 1 amu
Analysis time>= 32 msec
Measuring range0 – 100 Vol%
Response time cathodeT90 < 150 msec
Response time anodeT90 < 2 sec @ 4 bar(g)
Detection limit<= 100 ppm
Concentration drift<± 5% over 24h
Accuracy<± 3%
Precision<± 3%
Ambient temperature20°C - 35°C
Gas consumption cathode3000 ml/min
Gas consumption anode3- 60 ml/min
Gas inlet temperature50°C - 180°C adjustable
Gas inlet pressure cathode0,75 - 2 bar(a)
Gas inlet pressure anode0,75 - 6 bar(a)
Power consumption230 V/50 Hz or 115 V/60 Hz 800 W
Dimensions (WxHxD)534 x 743 x 639 mm
Weight62 kg

* depending on the components to be measured, system configuration and unit settings

** depending on the gas inlet system used

Reference clients (excerpt)

Reference AVLReference BoschReference OTH

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