Heated and filtered sampling


The V&F PreSampler is a heated module for sample preparation of engine exhaust gases in the automotive sector. A heated sample gas pump and a heated inlet pressure regulator (0.8 to 5 bar abs.) are installed in the PreSampler with heating up to 200°C. The PreSampler is equipped with an integrated particle filter.

In addition, the PreSampler has an integrated particle filter (0.5μm ceramic surface filter) with a filter backflush into the sample line/preflush to the analyzer system.

The PreSampler is controlled via an AK interface using RS232 or Ethernet.  

    V&F Add On Products Presampler
    V&F Add On Products PreSampler

    The PreSampler equipment includes

    • 1 sample inlet
    • 1 sample outlet

    • 1 particle filter: 0.5 μm ceramic surface filter

    • 1 Filter backflush in sample line / preflush to analyzer system

    • 1 Heated sample pump

    • 1 Heated pressure regulator inlet 6 bar abs.

    • 2 Internal heating circuits

    • 2 External heating circuits


    Sample inlet:     8 mm pipe connector
    control air:     quick connector NG8
    Ethernet:   RJ45 connector - LAN TCP/IP
    RS232 (optional): AK-interface via - SUB-D; 9 pin; plug
    External heating circuit: Amphenol; 6 pin + PE
    Power supply connector   C2

    Features and advantages

    • Heated sample inlet up to +200°C
    • Robust and reliable for test stand applications
    • Sample inlet pressure compensation between 0.8 and 5 bar (abs.)
    • Sample volume: 16 l/min. at +20°C and atmospheric pressure
    • Minimal service and operating costs
    • Automated control via AK-interface software (LAN or RS232)
    • Manual control and visualization via WebVision interface (LAN/browser)
    • Temperature control of all internal and external heating circuits up to max. +200°C

    Typical applications

    • Development of internal combustion engines (diesel and petrol)
    • Catalyst development
    • Fast measurements of hydrocarbons
    • Ammonia measurements of DeNOx catalysts
    • NOx measurements on diesel engines

    Functional diagram

    Function Principle V&F PreSampler

    Success stories


    Technical Data
    Technical DataValue
    Housing colorRAL 7021 flat back
    Gas inlet pressure0.8 - 5 bar (abs)
    Gas inlet temperaturemax. + 200 °C
    Power supply230V/50 Hz max. 16A
    Dimensions (WxHxD)350 x 350 x 350 mm
    Ceramic filter0.5 µm
    Sample volumeup to 16 l/min
    External heating temperaturemax. + 200 °C
    Power consumptionmax. 3.7 kW
    Weight26 kg

    Reference clients (excerpt)

    Reference CRFReference HeesungReference HundaiReference Johnson MattheyReference VW Motori

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