Gas phase analysis of cigarette paper aroma


Cigarette paper production involves a number of natural raw materials that can vary in quality as well as properties such as odor or aroma. Depending on these properties and different production steps, the final product may be unsatisfactory in terms of consistent odor quality. This could lead to complaints from the tobacco industry, which buys the paper for cigarette production, or from end users of the cigarette paper.


Taste, as well as odor, are due to a combination of volatile or semi-volatile compounds present at all stages of production. The V&F CombiSense with its patented IMR-MS technology can analyze the composition of the volatile gas phase, facilitating reliable real-time quality control of raw material and the final product. Furthermore, results are not affected by variations in moisture during the process, nor is sample preparation necessary.

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Most classical analytical methods are costly and time-consuming. Sensory panels require highly specialized personnel to assess taste and odor to provide reliable yet subjective results for decision-making. In contrast, IMR-MS is a powerful tool to objectively describe odor and flavor in real-time during all stages of cigarette paper production. This ranges from the examination of the raw material to the quality control of the final product. IMR-MS technology can detect the slightest changes in volatile gas composition. This guarantees the consistently high quality of the cigarette paper produced and ultimately customer satisfaction.


  • Objective determination of odors
  • Real-time process monitoring
  • Quality control of raw material and end-product

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