Immission measurement of gases in the vicinity of waste incineration plants


Waste incinerators are normally built on the outskirts of populated areas, but the potential risks of emissions of hazardous substances and odors are often complained about by nearby residents. A particularly unpleasant manifestation is a breach of the biofilter. Simultaneous measurements of different compounds within the plant, the surrounding area, and the points of immission are necessary to continuously measure pollution.


On-line measurements of contaminants can be made with V&F's Ion Molecular Reaction Mass Spectrometer (IMR-MS). The compact design and transportability help to analyze emissions at a fixed point in the plant and simultaneously measure near points of immission. Once a pattern of the composition of potential emitting contaminants has been identified, the IMR-MS facilitates simultaneous and continuous on-line measurement of these substances.

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The V&F mass spectrometer equipment provides a versatile solution for continuous on-line measurement in and around industrial facilities. Their ability to calibrate allows a wide range of measurable compounds even at low concentrations down to ppb (billionths) level. As results are reported in real-time, any malfunction within the waste incinerator, such as leakage of certain gases, is detected immediately.


  • Continuous emission and immission measurement
  • Measurements from fixed or mobile location
  • Real-time and highly sensitive analysis method

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