Oxidation of sulfur components to SO2


The V&F GasOxidizer is a software-controlled tube furnace that enables the oxidation of exhaust gases from combustion engines. The V&F GasOxidizer was developed to provide a rapid and time-resolved on-line measurement technology for the oil consumption of combustion engines.<br/> <br/> A compound contained in the oil (sulfur) is used for the analysis. This tracer component is part of a chemical transformation in the fuel chamber. It is determined in the exhaust gas and then correlated to the consumed oil. With the SO tracer method, the sulfur component is determined by measuring sulfur dioxide (SO2) in the exhaust gas.

V&F Add On Products GasOxidizer
V&F Add On Products GasOxidizer
V&F Add On Products GasOxidizer
Oil sampling and fuel separation


The V&F LubeSampler provides a continuous sampling of engine oil from the oil pan. Using a spindle valve, small amounts of the oil and fuel mixture can be cyclically fed into a partial pressure generator, where the separation of engine oil and added fuel occurs. The percentage of fuel in the oil can then be measured using  V&F FuelSense IMR-MS.

The measurements are either software-controlled via manual operation or automated via AK interface.

V&F Add On Products LubeSampler
Sample analysis in Headspace via IMR-MS


Using the Agilent G1888 V&F AutoSampler, off-line gas samples in gas-tight sample vials can be analyzed automatically. The gas composition is measured using one of our V&F mass spectrometers. The control is performed completely by V&F software.

The high number of samples (70 sample vials and 12 heating oven positions) as well as the extreme sensitivity ensure excellent functionality for a wide range of analyses. The complete gas transfer - from the sampling needle via the sample gas line - is carried out using deactivated components and is thus chemically inert without degradation or loss of the analyte.

V&F Add On Products AutoSampler
Heated and filtered sampling


The V&F PreSampler is a heated module for sample preparation of engine exhaust gases in the automotive sector. A heated sample gas pump and a heated inlet pressure regulator (0.8 to 5 bar abs.) are installed in the V&F PreSampler with heating up to 200°C. The PreSampler is equipped with an integrated particle filter.

In addition, the V&F PreSampler has an integrated particle filter (0.5μm ceramic surface filter) with a filter backflush into the sample line/preflush to the analyzer system.

The V&F PreSampler is controlled via an AK interface using RS232 or Ethernet.   

V&F Add On Products Presampler
V&F Add On Products PreSampler
Production of calibration gas at the push of a button


The V&F GasGenerator for IMR-MS is used for the dynamic generation of calibration gas for our analyzers. By evaporating organic and inorganic components, the desired concentrations can be produced by mixing with a carrier and diluting via a dilution gas. The V&F GasGenerator consists of an evaporator, a temperature-controlled dosing unit and a two-stage dilution stage.

The V&F GasGenerator has been designed especially for the use of our IMR-MS instruments.

V&F Add On Products GasGenerator

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