Measurement of CO2 raw gas and process control


The sources of CO2 for industrial purposes are diverse. They range from chemical processes such as hydrogen production or ammonia synthesis to fermentation processes and natural sources. Therefore, the composition of the feed gas varies significantly in terms of potential impurities that need to be removed. In order to apply appropriate purification steps in suitable quantities, analysis of the raw CO2gas is of utmost importance. Specifically, natural sources of CO2 can exhibit significant fluctuations in their impurity profile, potentially resulting in a lower quality product over time, as the plant's purification system may not be capable of handling increased levels of contaminants. To respond quickly to these fluctuating compositions of the raw gas in the process, on-line analysis of the raw gas is needed.


The V&F CO2Sense multi-component analyzer can measure the raw gas in CO2 production. It is equipped with a robust and mechanically stable design that can handle high temperatures and high pressures that may arise. The IMR (Ion Molecular Reaction) technology in the CO2Sense has excellent sensitivity and selectivity for virtually all potential impurities in the CO2. There is particular interest in measuring sulfur components such as mercaptans, hydrogen sulfide, carbonyl sulfide, which are found in virtually all raw CO2 gases. The CO2Sense can measure these compounds down to lower ppb ranges. It can be easily embedded in a ProfiBus environment or operated as a stand-alone unit with the user-friendly V&F Viewer software.

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Unlike off-line technologies often used for raw gas analysis, the CO2Sense provides real-time measurements, which creates the opportunity to accurately verify raw gas composition and respond to sudden fluctuations. With the CO2Sense, technicians can quickly configure the instrument for new measurement tasks or adapt current measurement methods by adding new compounds of interest - at no additional cost. A compact design further aids mobility, and a change in measurement location can be easily implemented within one business day.


  • High sensitivity and selectivity for sulfur compounds
  • Flexible adaptation of the components to be measured
  • ProfiBus interface available

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