Software changes in version 2.5

1. change of the technical base

  • WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) replaces DotNet Remoting.
  • WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) replaces MS Forms. Currently only the main window of the Client is in WPF

2 New V&F client instead of Viewer and History


3 Control of LubeSampler via V&F

  • Display of measured values at triggered times
  • Calculation of a mean value between two triggered edges
  • Calibration and linearization of calculated molecules
  • Operation of the LubeSampler via V&F Client


4 Implementation of the new Vici Valco protocol

       - Control via RS232 or RS485.

       - Both protocol versions of Vici Valco function

       - Automatic detection is implemented


5 Control of the integrated MFC in the ValveBox incl. error handling for MFCs


6 Authorization to change linearization and enhancements


7 OPC UA Server as new interface for analyzers.

       - Currently only tested for the EISense.

       - In theory possible for all devices.


8 Communication PETSense via EtherCAT

       - Currently only available for the PETSense.


9 Transfer additional fields via Connect interface

       - Now the following fields can be transferred via Connect for each molecule that is in the setup:

  • Sensitivity
  • Background
  • LDL
  • UDL

       - Furthermore, by capturing the unique CAS number, a clean matching of molecule () and concentrations in the calibration gas bottles, which should also be able to be changed for the automatic calibration, has been achieved.

       - Query of the serial number of the device via Connect


10 New "Service Panels" and "Operator Panels".

       - E.g.: AK Interface or Sensor Interface.


11 "Save temporary

       - Use "right click" -> "Save Data" without switching the machine to "Stop".


12 Sample gas switching via AK interface

       - Extension of the AK interface to make switching between sample points via AK interface possible.


13 BF-0027 Error Log File in tabular form

       - a tabular representation is preferred (for all log files, also for the next two topics)

       - columns can be sorted up and down

       - search function

       - export function


14 BF-0002 Storage of the results of a channel calibration in the Calibration Logfile


15 BF-0003 Saving of the results of an Enhancement Calibration in a Logfile

Enhancement Calibration Logfile (without linearization)

       - all types of Calibration Logs in one Logfile is best

       - for differentiation introduce a "Logtype" column and enter "Standard", "Channel" and "Enhancement".


16 Error while saving data

       - This error - BF-0038 How does it appear? - was fixed

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