Oil sampling and fuel separation


The LubeSampler provides a continuous sampling of engine oil from the oil sump. Using a spindle valve, small amounts of the oil and fuel mixture can be cyclically fed into a partial pressure generator, where the separation of engine oil and added fuel occurs. The percentage of fuel in the oil can then be measured using FuelSense IMR-MS.

The operation of the LubeSampler is completely software driven via manual operation or automated via AK interface.

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Typical applications

  • On-line oil dilution measurement

Functional diagram

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Technical Data
Technical DataValue
Lubricating oil throughputup to 1l/min
Max. oil temperature115 °C
Oil extraction quantity200 µl/min
Start-up time1h
Ambient temperature20 °C-35 °C
Power230 V/50 Hz oder 110 V/60 Hz 550 W
Dimensions (WxHxD)51 x 30 x 38 mm
Weight12 kg

Reference clients (excerpt)

Reference AudiReference BOSCHReference FCAReference FKFSReference OTHReference VW

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