Hydrogen and helium mass spectrometer


The HSense is a mass spectrometer based on the principle of electron impact ionization (EI-MS), optimized to achieve rapid and reliable measurements of H2 and He. By using the EI ion source, the sample gas components are ionized, focused, and then separated in a magnetic field to measure hydrogen and helium.

The HSense is available with different gas inlet systems to compensate for pressure variations, optimize the amount of sample gas withdrawn, and ensures accurate measurement.

Any impurity due to condensation or particles is minimized by the integrated 2 µm fine filter and the integrated sample gas conditioning system eliminates existing moisture in the sample gas.

Product Photo V&F HSense
Product Photo V&F HSense
Product Photo V&F HSense

Typical applications

  • Hydrogen and helium measurements
  • Development of combustion engines and catalyst research
  • Fuel cell development and testing
  • Breathing air analysis
  • Sensor research and development

Functional diagram

Function Principle V&F HSense

Success stories

Measurable compounds

Measurable compounds
DesignationChemical formula


Technical Data
Technical DataSF-MS
Mass range2 - 4 amu
Resolution< 1 amu
Analysis time>= 20 msec/amu
Measuring range*0-50 000 ppm, 0 – 100 Vol%
Response time*T90 < 3 sec
Detection limit*< 1 ppm for H2, < 20 ppb for He
Concentration drift<± 5%
Accuracy<± 3%
Precision<± 3%
Ambient temperature20°C - 35°C
Humidity max.80% (non-condensing)
Gas consumption2,5 l / min
Gas inlet pressure anode 4 bar (a)
Gas inlet pressure cathode 1 bar (a) 
Power consumption230 V/50 Hz or 115 V/60 Hz 600 W
Dimensions (WxHxD)534 x 743 x 639 mm
Weight65 kg

* depending on the components to be measured, concentrations, system configuration and unit settings

Reference clients (excerpt)

Reference Aramco Services
Reference Argonne National Laboratory
Reference BMW
Reference BOSCH
Reference Cataler
Reference Caterpillar
Reference Chrysler
Reference Daimlerc
Reference Delphi
Reference Denso
Reference Eaton
Reference ECO Research
Reference Environment Canada
Reference EPA
Reference Faurecia
Reference FCA
Reference Ford
Reference General Motors
 Reference Hatchi
Reference Honda
Reference IAV
Reference IPR Gujarat
Reference JAEA
Reference Johnson Matthey
Reference Katri

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