Monitoring of propofol concentration in exhaled air


Propofol is routinely used as an anesthetic during surgery and as a sedative in postoperative critical care. Knowledge of the actual amount of propofol present in the blood would assist the anesthesiologist in regulating the dosage used. However, there is currently no on-line technique for direct real-time measurement.


Due to its physicochemical properties, some of the intravenously administered propofol diffuses from the bloodstream into the lungs and is subsequently exhaled. Propofol concentrations in exhaled air provide information about its amount in blood plasma and can be determined using Ion Molecule Reaction Mass Spectrometry (IMR-MS), a V&F brand technology. The V&F AirSense can detect minute changes in concentration and can therefore facilitate the non-invasive, real-time measurement of propofol.

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V&Fmass spectrometers can be used under clinical conditions without interrupting routine work. Their high operational flexibility allows easy integration into standard measurement systems. Via a connection to the airway system such as an endotracheal tube, the instrument can measure a wide range of substances including propofol efflux. Via a combination with an EI-MS, the simultaneous measurement of carbon dioxide, oxygen, and propofol is made possible.


  • Connectivity to the respiratory system
  • Measurement breath-by-breath
  • Ease of use

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