Premier Guard Software

The CO2 quality analysis system is a pre-configured system for CO2 impurities analysis and may comprise the following components:

  • Air-conditioned container
  • Sampling modules for CO2 raw, process and product gas  
  • Analyzers
  • Control system (hardware and software, including UPS)
  • Sensor station
  • Truck driver room with certificate printer
  • Calibration gas room
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V&F Supervise

V&F Supervise is installed on the control computer in the analyzer cabinet and controls all Premier Guard components (analyzers, sample gas switching, etc.). The following functions are supported by V&F Supervise:

  • Configuration and parameterization of all Premier Guard components
  • Starting the scheduler (analyses, calibrations)
  • Database saving of measured values (MS-SQL Server) for quality assurance evaluations
  • Communication with an external PLC system
  • Analysis system status communication (execution, errors, alarms, etc.)  
  • Triggering of measurement requests
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V&F Truck Driver

The V&F Truck Driver software is installed on the so-called Truck Driver Console (TDC) and is used by the CO driver for the following tasks:

  • Identification and authorization of the driver (e.g.: via RF-ID, smartcard or pin code) and the truck
  • Display of the analyzer status information (e.g.: ready, running, out of service, alarm, analysis ok/not ok)
  • Start of an analysis or measurement
  • Input of additional results of organoleptic tests (taste, appearance, smell, color of CO2
  • Printout of analysis certificates (CoA / CoC) based on templates
V&F Software Truck Driver

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