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V&F Server

The V&F Server program runs in the internal CPU in each V&F analyzer and controls the entire analyzer. All measurement and control functionality is localized in this software.
Programs running on external computers, such as the V&F Client software, can interact with the V&F Server software.
External programs can also control the server via this interaction mechanism:

  • alter the configuration of the analyzer
  • start measurements or calibration
  • receive or save results
  • etc.
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V&F Client

The V&F Client program interacts with the V&F Server, which runs in the internal CPU of the V&F analyzer.
The V&F Client is installed on an external PC equipped with a current Windows operating system in order to:

  • control the V&F analyzer
  • create or modify measurement methods
  • check instrument settings
  • optimize instrument performance 
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V&F Simulation

The V&F Simulation software consists of a Par-0 file and a hardware simulation component. The IMR-MS hardware of a V&F instrument can be easily simulated by using this Par-0 file together with the V&F Client.
With the help of the V&F Simulation Software users can:

  • demonstrate the functionality of the V&F Client
  • test the communication of a master system with a virtual V&F analyzer via interfacing software (AK, Connect, etc.)
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