Analysis of N2O, CO2 and hydrocarbons in pure O2


Pure oxygen is generally produced in cryogenic air separation plants. Typically, the purities measured range from 97.5% to 99.5%. Gas chromatography is routinely used to determine the impurities present in the production process. However, this technology requires multiple instruments for the different impurity groups, and an analysis usually takes several minutes. For faster analysis, on-line instruments are needed.


Ion Molecular Reaction Mass Spectrometers (IMR-MR) from V&F allow highly sensitive real-time analysis of impurities in pure oxygen. Both inorganic and organic compound can be measured. Especially N2O and CO2 can be measured below ppm level. The V&F mass spectrometers can be equipped with a variety of interfaces to ensure clean integration into the process control environment. In addition, a printout of certification is offered as an option.

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V&F on-line mass spectrometers provide real-time results. Technologies based on gas chromatography need several minutes for a measurement, whereas an AirSense IMR-MS collects this data in only one analysis run. V&F mass spectrometers enable technicians to quickly adapt the instrument to new measurement routines or expand the current measurement setup by adding new compounds of interest. A compact design supports mobility, and changing the measurement location can be done effortlessly within one business day.


  • Real-time measurements
  • High sensitivity and high selectivity
  • Organic and inorganic compounds

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