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V&F Averaging

All V&F analyzers are on-line analyzers that provide continuous measured values. In some applications, however, the mean values of a measurement are required instead of continuous measured value.

V&F Averaging calculates the arithmetic mean of measured values and saves them to a file at a defined time.

The mean value can be calculated for the following time durations:

  • Minutes
  • Hours
  • Multiples
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V&F Fieldbus Slave

The V&F Fieldbus Slave enables the control of a V&F analyzer via a fieldbus interface.

In addition to controlling the analyzers, measurement data can also be transferred between the V&F analyzer and the fieldbus master system.

The following fieldbuses are currently supported:

  • Profibus
  • Modbus
  • EtherCAT
  • Profinet
  • OPC UA

Other fieldbuses are available on request.

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V&F Plus

One of the strengths of the V&F analyzers is the possibility of performing measurements on-line.

For some applications, however, it is useful to collect gas samples to then perform automated off-line measurements.

V&F Plus enables the control of a V&F AutoSampler or an Aginlent AutoSampler in combination with a V&F analyzer for automated sample analysis.

V&F Software Plus

Screenshot Software V&F Plus

V&F Station Sequencer

V&F Station Sequencer generates data files in a predefined format (minimum, maximum, mean, and standard deviation of each measuring component) from different measuring points (stations). Different settings (e.g. measuring time) can be defined and stored for each of the measuring points. Optionally, sequences of measuring points can be defined, which are then measured in the corresponding order.

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