Mobile air pollution measurement in traffic


Exhaust gases from motor vehicles and buses are the main sources of air pollution in cities. Due to their negative impact on human health, their concentration must be measured and reduced to a minimum. Typical air quality measurements are located in one place and can only measure pollution in the immediate vicinity. However, concentrations of certain exhaust gases can vary widely in moving traffic, and therefore equipment capable of measuring pollution levels in real-time under such conditions is needed.


Ion Molecular Reaction Mass Spectrometers (IMR-MS) from V&F are compact and suitable for integration into mobile measurement stations such as vans with built-in air measurement systems. Typical compounds from exhaust gases that can be measured using V&F equipment include NO, NO2 and butane. Additional components can be easily added to the measurement protocol using the component library.

Photo Industry Solution V&F Automotive Exhaust Gas


V & F offers mass spectrometers with high sensitivity (part per billion) and state-of-the-art on-line measurement capabilities. Their high versatility enables real-time measurements of exhaust gases in stationary or moving traffic. Mobile laboratories benefit from the extremely compact design and simple operation.


  • Measurement of air pollution in stationary and moving traffic
  • Immediate recording of results
  • Highly flexible and compact instrument design

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Reference City University Hong Kong

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