The monitoring of hazardous exhaust gases during steel production


The steel industry has systems in place worldwide that measure emissions from the production process. Until recently, the main concern was the reduction of greenhouse gases, but a growing number of companies are now interested in measuring harmful exhaust gases. The goal is to measure and reduce the formation and emission of aromatic hydrocarbons, halogenated aromatic hydrocarbons, and sulfur and nitrogen compounds. On the one hand, due to the use of low-grade coke and iron, and on the other, due to steel recovery from scrap metal or ore smelting, which entail a number of toxic gas emissions during the various iron and steel production processes.


V&F offers multi-component gas analyzers based on Ion Molecular Reaction Mass Spectrometry (IMR-MS), capable of determining even the smallest amounts of harmful gases while covering a wide range of concentrations from lower ppb ranges up to thousands of ppm. The instrument measures directly within the emission range and simultaneously determines a group of molecules pre-defined by the operator.

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V&F instruments can be operated manually or remotely. Measurement results can be displayed immediately enabling appropriate action to be taken in a timely manner without time-consuming sampling and sample preparation. This leads to an overall improvement in occupational health and safety, a reduction in gas emissions and helps to reduce environmental pollution.


  • Emission measurement during steel production
  • Highly sensitive determination of toxic gases
  • Wide concentration range measurable

Reference clients (excerpt)

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