Analysis of samples in headspace using IMR-MS


Using the Agilent G1888 AutoSampler, offline gas samples in gas-tight sample vials can be analyzed automatically. The gas composition is measured using one of our V&F mass spectrometers. The control is performed completely by V&F software.

The high number of samples (70 sample vials and 12 heating oven positions) as well as the extreme sensitivity ensure excellent functionality for a wide range of analyses. The complete gas transfer - from the sampling needle via the sample gas line - is carried out using deactivated components and is thus chemically inert without degradation or loss of the analyte.

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Typical applications

  • Quality control of raw material including tobacco, filter pieces and cigarette paper
  • Rapid measurement of impurities in raw milk
  • Demarcation of ethanol in different production steps
  • Detection of different types of hay
  • Quality assurance of various fruit juice concentrates
  • Detection of fake rice
  • Quality control of cheese
  • Detection and differentiation of bacteria
  • Kinetics of bacteria
  • Process control of smoked salmon
  • Fermentation monitoring of dairy products (short-chain fatty acids)
  • Differentiation of liver diseases
  • Measurements of oxidative stress in ARDS
  • Bioavailability

Functional diagram

Function Principle V&F AutoSampler

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Technical Data
Technical DataValue
Number of positions sample drawer70
Number of positions in heating furnace12
Temperatureup to 230 °C
Transfer linedeactivated
Power consumption230 V/50 Hz oder 110 V/60 Hz 750 W
Dimensions (WxHxD)56 x 46 x 64 cm
Weight47 kg

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