Quality analysis of hydrogen production


Zero-emission vehicles equipped with a proton exchange membrane fuel cell run on hydrogen fuel. These fuel cells require hydrogen quality that meets strict limits for impurities in standards such as ISO 14687:2019, SAE J2719_202003, and GB/T 37244-2018. Using hydrogen that exceeds these limits can damage fuel cells due to their high sensitivity. This can occur even at the lowest trace gas concentrations of pollutants. Currently, classical hydrogen analysis of the total impurities that occur requires a large number of analyzers. This takes a lot of time and is technically very demanding.


The V&FHydrogenSensemass spectrometer is a real-time analyzer that performs fully automated analysis of all organic and inorganic gaseous impurities according to hydrogen quality standards.<br/> This enables hydrogen producers to supply hydrogen along with a quality analysis certificate that ensures the hydrogen fuel is of an appropriate quality.

Photo Industry Solution V&F Hydrogen Purity


On-line mass spectrometers from V&F provide very fast results compared to other analytical technologies. The V&FHydrogenSense analyzer measures the entire set of gaseous hydrogen impurities within minutes.<br/> Only one V&F instrument is required, instead of multiple instruments. This measures for hydrogen fuel standards such as GC, CRDS, FTIR, FID, HPLC, IC, etc..,


  • One instrument for testing hydrogen and fuel purity
  • Compliant with ISO 14687:2019, SAE;J2719 202003 and GB/T37244-2018 specifications. 
  • Fully automated analysis with CoAs and CoCs.

Reference clients (excerpt)

Reference Catarc
Reference DVGW
Reference Nast
Reference Tokyo Gas
Reference Unipetrol
Reference Weichai New Energy Technology
Reference ZBT

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