Determination of volatile compounds in cigarette packaging


In several countries around the world, government regulations increasingly require the implementation of health and safety procedures in the cigarette packaging industry. In particular, hazardous volatile organic compounds (VOCs) must be measured. While an analytical method such as HS-GC-FID (headspace gas chromatography-flame ionization detector) is mainly used, it is time-consuming (typically 90 min per analysis) and - with a high output as is common in today's industrial laboratories - is unlikely to meet the challenge.


The V&F CombiSense mass spectrometer is a multi-component analyzer and is based on Ion Molecular Reaction Mass Spectrometry (IMR-MS) technology. V&F systems can measure a wide range of hazardous volatile compounds simultaneously in the gas space above the reaction mass or final product. Typical molecules include benzene, toluene, acetates and isopropanol. The high sensitivity of the instrument allows measurements of concentrations even in the ppb (billionths) range. Results are provided continuously and in real-time.

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The CombiSense is a fast, accurate, and reliable alternative to methods currently used in industry. Its compact design, ease of use, and ability to provide real-time measurements are advanced, and its network capability allows for easy implementation in routine procedures. V&F mass spectrometers provide a suitable technology for the qualitative and quantitative analysis of VOCs, which is important for the cigarette packaging industry.


  • High sensitivity
  • Real-time measurement of VOCs
  • Implementation in quality control procedure

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