Measurement of air quality near petroleum refineries


People living near industrial facilities often complain about unpleasant odors, usually from air pollution caused by sulfur-containing substances. Potential sources can be a leak, a by-product of ventilation, or insufficient desulfurization during the petrochemical process. Aside from an obvious odor nuisance, some of these substances also pose a health risk at higher concentrations. Typically, complaints go unanswered because no means of measuring gases is available to prove or disprove the presence of pollutants in the air.


V&F's AirSense Ion Molecular Reaction Mass Spectrometer employs advanced technology to measure even the smallest amounts of substances that may be responsible for unpleasant odors. The V&F instrument can continuously measure air quality in real-time. Typically, methanethiol, dimethyl sulfide, ethanethiol, and thiophenes are measured simultaneously to identify the source.

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V&F instrumentation can be used on-line at a fixed location or in mobile units and has the capacity for remote control and maintenance. Without the need for sample preparation and with a user-friendly calibration process, concentrations can be measured directly in ppb and therefore provide an absolute measurement in real-time. Additional desired substances can be easily added to the measurement routine. Based on the immediate measurement result, appropriate measures can be taken at short notice to modify the respective process.


  • Environmental measurement of gaseous pollutants
  • Continuous methodology in real-time
  • Process optimization

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