Sample gas switching and conditioning for hydrogen and fuel cell applications



The ValveBox is used for switching between different sample gas points (16-fold or 6-fold) and provides a continuous, heated flow of sample or calibration gas. The main applications are the purity measurement of hydrogen for PEM fuel cells, as well as the fuel cell testing. Depending on the application, the measurement is performed using HydrogenSense or CombiSense.

Measurements are completely software controlled via manual operation or automated via AK interface.


Functional Diagram - Hydrogen Purity for PEM Fuel Cells


Functional Diagram Fuel Cell Testing



Technical Data Value Technical Data Value
Gasflow rate 250 ml/min - 1 l/min Dimensions (B x H x T) 44 x 16 x 30 cm
Gasinlet pressure 0.3 -5 bar(g) Weight 9,5 kg
Ambient temperature 20 bis 35 °C Leistung 110 oder 230 V AC 250 W

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