Food and Beverage Grade CO2 Final Quality Control



CO2 for commercial purposes is obtained as a by-product from a wide range of sources e.g. chemical processes such as production of hydrogen or ammonia synthesis. Other important sources include fermentation processes and natural wells. There is a sizable amount of possible contaminants in CO2 due to different feed sources used to produce pure CO2. Quality control of CO2 is hence an important field in the food and beverage industry. Any contamination - even at trace levels – may constitute a health risk to the consumer. As a result, stringent regulations such as the EIGA and ISBT criteria are in effect ensuring the pureness of CO2 as an ingredient or natural refrigerant. Highly accurate determination of possible contaminants is required by these regulations.


The V&F CO2Sense multi-component analyzer is the ideal solution for the final quality control of CO2. The IMR-Technology inside the CO2Sense mass spectrometer is capable of measuring all possible impurities conforming to the EIGA and ISBT criteria with the required sensitivity and selectivity. The CO2Sense is typically used in various steps within quality control of CO2 e.g. at truck filling stations, for monitoring of storage tanks or for certification of single bottles. It can easily be embedded in a ProfiBus environment. The V&F Station Sequencer software allows for quick printing of certificates via a touch screen.


In final quality control the CO2Sense IMR-MS stands out due to short analysis times of < 5 minutes. Moreover, other technologies employing measurement principles such as FTIR and UV are usually set up for a single application i.e. a fixed range of components. The CO2Sense allows the operator to quickly adapt the instrument to new measurement routines or to expand current measurement setups by adding new compounds of interest – without additional costs. Furthermore, the CO2Sense can be used for the monitoring of feed gas.


  • Short analysis times
  • ProfiBus interface available
  • Feed gas monitoring optional

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