Rapid Impurity Monitoring of Raw Milk



Cleaning and disinfection of tubing, tubs and storage tanks in the dairy industry is often done by using active chlorine containing compounds such as alkaline hypochlorite. If surplus chlorine covers the surfaces it reacts to form chloroform as a contaminant in the milk. Chloroform is a toxic compound that affects the liver, heart and other organs and therefore needs to be detected immediately.


Real time monitoring of chloroform can be accomplished through employing our patented IMR-MS technology. There is no need for time consuming sample preparation nor is there even a necessity to take samples. Direct monitoring of the headspace above the milk within a tank will produce an immediate result and facilitate a fast decision.


Currently gas chromatography (GC) is routinely used to detect residual chloroform in raw milk. This method is comparatively slow method and might take up to 10 minutes to report a result. Additionally it is restricted to spot checks and random monitoring. In contrast IMR-MS delivers highly accurate results within seconds with the possibility to screen whole areas economically and continuously for potential chloroform contaminations.


  • Immediate results on chloroform contamination
  • Rapid screening of complete systems
  • Economical and cost efficient

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