Online Observation of Refinery Emissions



People living in the vicinity of industrial plants are often complaining about unpleasant smells most commonly resulting from pollution by sulphur containing substances. Potential sources may be leakage, by-product venting or insufficient desulfurization during petrochemical processes. Apart from the obvious malodour some of these substances also constitute a health risk at elevated concentrations. Typically the complaints remain unanswered as no objective means for gas monitoring are available to prove or disprove the presence of odour-bearing pollutants in the air.


The AirSense Ion-Molecule Reaction Mass Spectrometer by V&F utilizes highly sophisticated propriety technology to detect even the smallest amounts of substances that may be responsible for malodour. V&F equipment is capable of continuous monitoring of air quality in real time. Typically methanethiol, dimethyl sulfide, ethanethiol and thiophene are measured simultaneously to identify the source.


V&F equipment can be used online in fixed or mobile installations and has the capability for remote control. Without the need for sample preparation and a user friendly calibration procedure the concentrations are reported directly in parts per billion and therefore produce an absolute measure in real time. New substances of interest can easily be added to the measurement routine. Due to the immediate response of the equipment appropriate action to alter the responsible process can be taken on a short time scale.


  • Environmental monitoring of gaseous pollutants
  • Continuous and real time analytical methodology
  • Process optimization

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