CO2 QAS Software

V&F Supervise


V&F Supervise is installed on the control PC inside the analyzer rack and controls all components (analyzers, sample switching modules, etc.) of the CO2 QAS. The following functions are offered by V&F Supervise:

  • Configure and parametrize all components of the CO2 QAS
  • Start schedules (analysis, calibration)
  • Store the measured values in a database (MS-SQL Server) for quality evaluations
  • Communicate with the external PLC system
  • Communicate the status (running, failures, alarms, etc.) of the analytical system
  • Trigger analysis requests

V&F Operator


The V&F Operator software has been designed to support the local or remote operator of the CO2 production plant. V&F Operator is installed on the remote desktop PC or any other PC within the site network and offer the following functionality:

  • Trigger a manual analysis or calibration
  • Configure and parametrize settings for the Truck Driver Console (TDC) 
  • Filter results from the SQL database to review analysis and calibration results



V&F Truck Driver


V&F Truck Driver is the software that is installed on the Truck Driver Console (TDC) and that is used by the CO2 truck driver in order to handle the following tasks:

  • Identification and authorization of the driver (e.g.: via RF-ID, Smartcard or Pincode) and the truck
  • Display analyzer status information (e.g.: ready, running, out of service, alarm, analysis ok/not ok)
  • Start Analysis
  • Enter additional results obtained from manual testing (CO2 purity, and organoleptic tests)
  • Print out the certificates (CoA / CoC), based on the parametrized templates