Analyzer Software

The V&F Analyzers will be shipped with the following pieces of software which are included in the price of the analyzer:

V&F History


V&F History is a tool  that runs on an external PC and enables you to view saved data files generated by V&F Viewer. With V&F Hsitory you can easily explore data files that contain measurement results of a V&F Analyzer.

V&F Server


V&F Server (former V&F Analyzer) is a piece of software running on an embedded CPU in the V&F Analyzer itself and controls the whole machine. All the measurement and controlling functionality is localized in this software.

V&F Viewer


This program runs on an external PC to control the V&F Analyzers. The V&F Viewer program enables you to interact with your V&F Analyzer. In your analyzer the V&F Server program is running and will accept your request from the V&F Viewer program.

V&F Tobacco


The V&F Tobacco program is a tool to visualize V&F data files that are generated using our V&F Analyzers together with a smoking machine to analyze cigarette smoke.

V&F Simulation


V&F Simulation software consists of a Par-0 file with an included hardware simulation component. Using this Par-0 file togehter with V&F Viewer you can easily simulate a V&F Analyzer IMR-MS hardware.

V&F Drivers


V&F Drivers are used for the control of the DAC and ADC converters within the V&F Analyzer. These drivers have to be installed on the internal embedded CPU of a V&F Analyzer.