Add-on Software

The following pieces of add-on software are free of charge, but you need an V&F Connect interface installed on the analyzer:

V&F Averaging


V&F Averaging calculates arithmetic mean values (for minutes or hours or multiples) of measured values and saves those average values at a predefined time into a file.

V&F Fieldbus Slave


V&F Fieldbus Slave enables the control of a V&F Analyzer via a Profibus interface. You can also use the interface to transmit data between the V&F Analyzer and any other PLC via Profibus. Other interfaces (eg.: Modbus, etc.) are available upon request.

V&F Station Sequencer


V&F Station Sequencer generates data files in a predefined format (minimum , maximum, average und standard deviation of each component) from each station (sample point). For every station you can define a certain setup, gas inlet and measuring time. Optionally you can define sequences of stations that should be measured.

V&F Plus


V&F Plus enables you the control the V&F AutoSampler or alternatively an Agilent headspace AutoSamplers in combination with one of our V&F Analyzers.

V&F Trigger


V&F Trigger switches digital output, analog outputs or even list values dependent upon the status of a digital trigger input. This tool is used to receive data from several smoke machines.

V&F Excel Add-Ins


Add-ins provide optional commands and features for Microsoft Excel. By default add-ins are not immediately available in Excel, first you have to install these add-ins before you can use them.

The V&F Add-Ins include some macros, written in VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) to work on MSDAT files, typically created when using the V&F Plus software in combination with the AutoSampler .