Oxidation of Sulfur Compounds to SO2


The GasOxidizer is a software controlled tube furnace that allows to oxidize the exhaust gas of combustion engines. The GasOxidizer has been developed to permit a quick and time-resolved online measurement technology for the oil consumption of combustion engines.

A compound contained in the oil (sulphur) is used for the analysis. This tracer compound is part of the chemical conversion in the furnace chamber and then identified in the exhaust gas and correlated with the spent oil amount. With the SO2 tracer method sulfur is measured as of sulfur dioxide (S02) in the exhaust gas.

With the GasOxidizer you have shorter measuring times and the possibility to measure the low oil consumption of modern engines. To guarantee that all sulfur compounds can be measured in the exhaust gas as S02, the V&F GasOxidizer is applied. With this device all sulfur compounds are oxidized to SO2 by adding oxygen O2 that will be converted to Ozone O3. For the quantitative determination of SO2 in car exhaust gases the tried and tested sensitive ion molecule reaction (IMR-MS) mass spectrometry is applied.


Functional Diagram


Typical Applications

  • Oil consumption monitoring
  • Total suplhur measurement


Technical Data Value Technical Data Value
Max. Temperature 1,200 °C Max. gas inlet pressure 5 bar
Warm-up time 1 h Oxygen consumption 80 ml/min
Cool-down time approx. 5 h Power 230 V/50 Hz 1200 W
Ambient temperature 20 °C - 35 °C Dimension (WxHxD) 860 x 490 x 285 mm
Gas inlet consumption up to 1 l/min Weight 24 kg

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