Ion-Molecule Reaction - Mass Spectrometer


Today’s challenges in developing high performance, low consumption and ultra-low emission engine and catalyst designs demand very fast, sensitive and detailed emission monitoring systems.

The V&F MotoSense  serves as a powerful tool to study organic H, inorganic N or S gaseous emissions in raw exhaust gas and tail pipe by automotive and catalyst researchers. Fast gas response times of 20 msec and a high dynamic range of 1 to 104 enable detailed study of nonsteady processes.


Functional Diagram


Typical Applications

  • Detection of non-limited HC gas components
  • Monitoring of desulfation strategies for catalytic devices
  • Ammonia and NOx measurements on SCR catalysts

Measureable Compounds

Nitrogen Compounds

Substance name Molecular formula
Ammonia NH3
Nitrogen monoxide NO
Nitrogen dioxide NO2

Sulfur Compounds

Substance name Molecular formula
Hydrogen sulfide H2S
Carbonyl sulfide COS
Sulfur dioxide SO2
Carbon disulfide CS2


Substance name Molecular formula
Methane CH4
Acetylene C2H2
Ethene C2H4
Propene C3H6
1,3 Butadiene C4H6
Benzene C6H6
Toluene C7H8
Styrene C8H8
Xylene / Ethylbenzene C8H10
Butene C4H8
Pentene C5H10
Hexene C6H12
Heptene C7H14
Octene C8H16
Nonene C9H18
Decene C10H20


Technical Data IMR-MS Technical Data IMR-MS
Mass range 7 – 160 amu Ambient temperature 20 °C - 35 °C
Resolution ‹ 1 amu Humidity max. 80 % (non-condensing)
Analysis time ›= 1 msec/amu Gas consumption 30 – 150 ml/min
Measuring range* 10^5 Gas inlet temperature 50 °C – 190 °C adjustable
Response time* T90 ‹ 20 msec Gas inlet pressure 0.75 – 2 bar(a)
Lower detection limit* < 1 ppb Power 230 V/50 Hz or 115 V/60 Hz 800 W
Concentration drift ‹ ± 5 % over 24 h Dimension (WxHxD) 534 x 743 x 639 mm
Reproducibility ‹ ± 3 % Weight 87 kg
Accuracy ‹ ± 2 %

* depending on the components measured, system setup and the settings

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