Monitoring Hazardous Off-Gases During Steel Production



Across the globe the steel production industry has been implementing systems to monitor emissions from the production processes. Until recently the main concern was the reduction of greenhouse gases but nowadays more and more companies become interested in measuring hazardous off-gases. The goal is to monitor and reduce the formation and emission of aromatic hydrocarbons, halogenated aromatic hydrocarbon as well as sulfur and nitrogen compounds, a) because of the use of low quality coke and iron and b) steel regeneration from scrap metal by ore melting that results in a number of toxic gaseous emissions during the various iron and steel production processes.


V&F offers multicomponent gas analyzers based on Ion-Molecule Reaction Mass Spectrometry (IMR-MS) capable of detecting even minute quantities of harmful gases while covering a wide range of concentrations from low ppb levels up to thousands of ppm. The instrument measures directly within the emission area and simultaneously monitors a set of molecules predefined by the operator.


V&F systems are stand-alone gas analyzers that are controlled remotely. Without the need for time consuming sampling and sample preparation the immediate reporting of results by V&F mass spectrometers allows for appropriate actions to be taken in a timely manner. This leads to an overall improvement of health and safety at the work place, reduction of gaseous emissions and helps to reduce pollution of the environment.


  • Emission monitoring during steel production
  • Highly sensitive detection of toxic gases
  • Wide concentration range

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