Real Time Monitoring of Residual Styrene from Polystyrene Packing Material



Polystyrene is one of the plastics most widely used - mainly as protective packaging. Based on the monomer styrene which is hazardous to health it is regularly employed in the food industry for example as packaging material for chocolates, salads or margarines. A significant amount of residual styrene monomer may accumulate in food products during exposure to higher temperatures e.g. in summer or as a result of a broken cold chain. For the manufacturers of both packaging and food it is beneficial to know the levels of styrene emitted from the packaging.


The AirSense Ion Molecule Reaction Mass Spectrometer (IMR-MS) by V&F utilizes highly sophisticated proprietary technology to detect even the smallest amounts of residual styrene that is released from polystyrene packaging. Results are reported immediately and real-time emission profiles of styrene can be created. No sample preparation is needed.


V&F online mass spectrometers deliver results instantaneously. Common methods for the analysis of residual styrene Technologies include Gas Chromatography based instrumentation that may require measurement times on the order of hours. The IMR-technology is able to scan multiple samples within this time. V&F technology can help to ensure high quality product outcome and hence consumer satisfaction.


  • Real time analysis of residual styrene
  • No sample preparation
  • Direct measurement

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