H2 and He Impurities in Neon



Rare gases such as Krypton (KR), Xenon (XE), Neon (NE) are to be found in the atmosphere only in very small quantities. The extraction of these noble gases by fractional distillation of liquefied air pays off only for very large air separation units (ASU). The proportion of Neon in the air is only 0,00161 vol %.

Neon is required in the lighting industry on the one hand, and on the other hand in the semiconductor industry. The latter application requires high purity neon as buffer gas for lasers in the semiconductor lithography with a resolution of 7 nm.


Hydrogen and helium contamination can be determined online in any neon pressure gas container (bottle or storage tank) using the HSense.

Thanks to the low detection limits (< 1 ppm H2 and < 4 ppm He) Neon with  99.999 Vol% purity can be tested.


On the one hand H2 and He contamination in Neon can quickly be measured with a HSense, and on the other hand, due to the used sector field mass spectrometer measurements are very reliable. In doing so traces of hydrogen below 1 ppm and of helium below 4 ppm can be detected. The measurement result is available within a few minutes.

The calibration and measurement is done - if desired - fully automatic. Certificates of analysis (COA) can easily be issued based on individually definable templates.


  • Sensitive detection of H2 and He impurities
  • Fast & reliable measurement instrumentation
  • Time saving & cost efficient

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