Feedgas and Process Monitoring in CO2 Production



The sources of CO2 for commercial purposes are aplenty. They range from chemical processes such as production of hydrogen or ammonia synthesis to fermentation processes and natural wells. Hence, the composition of the feed gas greatly varies with regard to potential impurities that need to be removed. In order to apply appropriate purification steps in a suitable dimension analyzing the feed gas is crucial. Especially natural sources of CO2 may show significant fluctuations in their impurity profile over time possibly resulting in an off-grade product as the plant’s purification system might not be able to handle increased levels of contaminants.  With the intention of quickly adapting to these changes and instabilities online analysis of the feed gas is required.


The V&F CO2Sense multi-component analyzer is able to monitor feed gas for CO2 production. It features a robust and rugged design that is capable of handling high temperatures and high pressures that may be encountered. The IMR-technology (Ion Molecule Reaction) inside the CO2Sense features excellent sensitivity and selectivity for virtually all potential impurities in CO2. Particular interest exists in monitoring sulfur compounds such as mercaptans, hydrogen sulfide, carbonyl sulfide that are found in almost all feed gas sources. The CO2Sense is capable of measuring these compounds down to the low ppb levels. It can easily be embedded in a ProfiBus environment or be operated as a standalone unit with the user friendly V&F Viewer software.


Unlike offline technologies that are often used for feed gas analysis the CO2Sense allows for measurements in real time giving the possibility to closely monitor the feed gas composition and take measures in case of sudden fluctuations. The CO2Sense enables the operator to quickly adapt the instrument to new measurement routines or to expand current measurement setups by adding new compounds of interest – without additional costs. A compact design aids its mobility and a change of the measurement site can easily be realized within a working day.


  • High sensitvity and selectivity for sulfur compounds
  • Flexible measurement setups
  • ProfiBus interface available

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