Determination of Volatile Compounds in Cigarette Packaging



In several countries around the globe governmental regulations prescribe the implementation of increasingly demanding health and safety procedures in the cigarette packaging industry. In particular hazardous volatile organic compounds (VOCs) need to be monitored. While an analytical method such as HS-GC-FID (Headspace-Gas Chromatography-Flame Ionization Detector) is in place this is time consuming (typically 90 min for each analysis) and may not meet the need of high throughput of modern industry laboratories. To serve this aim a technology is needed that delivers results reliably on a short time scale.


TobaccoSense mass spectrometers by V&F are multi-component gas analysers based on Ion Molecule Reaction Mass Spectrometry (IMR-MS) technology. V&F systems are capable of measuring a wide range of hazardous volatiles simultaneously in the headspace above the pulp or the final product. Typical headspace molecules include benzene, toluene, acetates and isopropanol. The equipment’s high sensitivity allows for concentration measurements as low as part-per-billion level. Results are obtained continuously and in real time.


TobaccoSense is a fast, accurate and reliable alternative to the methods currently used in the industry. Its compact built, ease of use and real time measurement capability is state-of-the-art and its integrated network capability allow for easy implementation into routine procedures. V&F’s mass spectrometric equipment provides a suitable technology for qualitative and quantitative analysis of VOCs relevant to the cigarette packaging industry.


  • High sensitivity
  • Real time monitoring of VOCs
  • Implementation into quality control routines

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