Rapid Detection of Mold in Jelly



The jelly industry typically uses steel containers of around one cubic meter size to store batches of jelly. After every emptying process these need to be sterilized before refilling. Despite stringent cleaning procedures the risk of mold development still remains. Detection of mold is usually accomplished via microbiological methods that may produce results only after 24 to 48 hours owing to long incubation times and slow growth of the causing agents. Routine analysis for mold formation on a day-to-day basis is vital however it is not easily accomplished using such long lasting procedures.


Mold forming agents produce a set of characteristic volatile compounds that can be detected by IMR-MS. This versatile and highly accurate technology is capable to detect mold formation within minutes by means direct analysis of the headspace above the jelly. IMR-MS is a sensitive method that can detect even extremely low concentrations of the molecules in question. Results are reported immediately and action to prevent mold formation can be taken on a short time scale.


In comparison to standard microbiological techniques the IMR-MS technology gives results on a much faster time scale and can be used for continuous monitoring. Moreover, the capability to equip the instrument with multiport switching transfer lines allows for the monitoring of up to 16 containers consecutively on a short time scale.


  • Fast & reliable detection of mold formation
  • Enhanced food safety
  • Time saving & cost efficient

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