Detection of Rancid Hazelnuts



Worldwide, nuts are consumed because of their pleasant taste and nutritional value. Additionally they are considered beneficial to human health as they contain unsaturated fatty acids. However, through chemical processes and aging unsaturated fatty acids can break down and produce a rancid taste. Therefore, the food industry needs a reliable method capable of identifying rotten or rancid nuts within an otherwise good batch of the product.


AirSense Ion Molecule Reaction Mass Spectrometers (IMR-MS) by V&F are equipped with cutting edge technology that provides the means for quality control in the food industry. Rotten or rancid hazelnuts emit certain volatile molecules that can be detected using IMR-MS. By measuring just 3 components in the headspace of hazelnut batches it is possible to distinguish between good and “rotten” hazelnuts. While these components have a baseline value for good hazelnuts their concentrations are doubled or even tripled in batches containing rancid nuts.


While other technologies such as Gas Chromatography based instrumentation require several minutes for a measurement V&F mass spectrometers deliver results in real time. Quality control of batches is achieved instantly and batch consistency is guaranteed. V&F technology can help to ensure high quality product outcome and hence consumer satisfaction.


  • Headspace analysis using IMR-MS
  • Determination of nut quality
  • Immediate result reporting

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