Ambient Air Quality and Exposure Level Measurements at the Workplace



Occupational health is of major concern in the manufacturing industry and limits of exposure to certain gases are strictly regulated by legislation. At the work place gases present in ambient air are inhaled, enter the blood stream and are metabolised, accumulated or exhaled again. For a wide range of substances breath concentrations are directly related to blood plasma levels. Precise quantification of exposure levels necessitates equipment that preferably combines analysis of ambient air at the work place and determination of concentrations in exhaled breath after exposure.


Ion Molecule Reaction Mass Spectrometers (IMR-MS) by V&F are capable of measuring ambient air concentrations as well as concentrations in exhaled breath without the need for sample collection or sample preparation. Examples are measurements of DMS exposure in the pharmaceutical industry, diethyl ether and acetone intake in the glass manufacturing industry or toluene exposure levels in spray painting plants. V&F mass spectrometers are easily adapted to measure a wide range of substances relevant to the respective industry.


V&F’s CombiSense analyses multi-component mixtures such as ambient air in the work place in real time and facilitates determination of breath concentrations after exposure. Breath analysis is a completely non-invasive technique to assess occupational exposure. While blood samples have to be sent to laboratories for analysis and report of the results may take several days V&F systems produce results immediately and therefore facilitate timely intervention.


  • Continuous air monitoring at the workplace
  • Detection of hazardous gaseous compounds
  • Non-invasive breath analysis for exposure determination

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