Monitoring Immission of Gases Near Waste Processing Plants



Waste processing plants are mostly built in the outskirts of inhabited areas but the potential risk of hazardous substance emission and malodour still often attract complaints from people living in the vicinity. A particularly unpleasant incident is a breakthrough of the biofilter. Simultaneous measurements of several compounds within the facility, its surroundings and points of immission are necessary to monitor pollutants continuously.


Online monitoring of pollutants can be achieved with Ion Molecule Reaction Mass Spectrometers (IMR-MS) from V&F. Their compact design and portability aid fixed point analysis of emissions directly at the facility as well as measurements in the vicinity at the point of immission. Once a composition pattern of potentially emitted pollutants has been identified IMR-MS facilitates simultaneous and continuous online monitoring of these substances.


V&F mass spectrometric equipment offer a versatile solution to continuous online monitoring in and near industrial plants. Their capability for calibration allows for a wide range of compounds to be monitored even at low concentrations down to parts-per-billion. As the results are reported in real time any malfunction within the waste processing unit such as a breakthrough of certain gases are detected immediately.


  • Continuous emission and immission monitoring
  • Fixed point or mobile measurements
  • Real time, highly sensitive analytical method

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