Mobile Pollution Measurements in Traffic



Exhaust gases from cars and buses are the main contributor to urban pollution. Owing to their adverse health effects on humans their concentrations need to be monitored and reduced to a minimum. Typically air quality measurements are stationary and only register pollutants emitted in close vicinity. However, concentrations of certain exhaust gases can be very different in moving traffic and equipment is needed to measure pollutant levels in real time under such circumstances.


Ion Molecule Reaction Mass Spectrometers (IMR-MS) by V&F are compact and readily integrated into mobile laboratories such as vans equipped with air monitoring systems. Typical compounds from exhaust gases that can be measured using V&F equipment include NO, NO2 and butane. Additional substances are easily incorporated into a measurement protocol via versatile in-built software routines.


V&F mass spectrometer offer high sensitivity (part per billion) and state-of-the-art online measurement capabilities. Their high versatility allows for real time measurements of exhaust gases in stationary or moving traffic. Mobile laboratories profit from their compact built and ease of use.


  • Pollution monitoring in stationary and moving traffic
  • Immediate result reporting
  • Highly flexible and compact built instrumentation

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