Immission Monitoring by IMR-MS in Accordance with EPA Methods



Several methods have been accredited by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to monitor environmental pollutants. Most used are TO-14 and TO-15 where determination of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in ambient air is achieved by sampling into specially prepared canisters and subsequent analysis by Gas Chromatography (GC) or GC coupled to mass spectrometry (GC/MS). The necessity to sample followed by analysis in specialised laboratories significantly delays the decision of process adjustment to prevent potentially negative effects on the environment.


V&F offer IMR-MS equipment capable of continuous online monitoring in industrial settings. A wide range of compounds can be measured simultaneously without any need for sampling or sample preconcentration. Comparisons with EPA approved techniques such as TO-14/15 show that selectivity and sensitivity of V&F equipment match those of GC and GC/MS.


V&F equipment facilitates time resolved analysis of pollutants in accordance with EPA approved techniques. The compact size of the system allows for flexibility in selecting monitoring positions. The equipment can be installed at a fixed point or uploaded to a small van and record pollutants even during driving. Owing to direct result reporting changes to any process contributing to air pollution can be initiated immediately to protect the environment.


  • EPA compatible method
  • No sample preparation required
  • Fixed point or mobile measurements

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