Engine Lube Sampling and Fuel Separation



The LubeSampler provides a continuous sample of lube oil from the oil sump of a combustion engine. Small amounts of the oil and fuel mixture can be extracted periodically via a spindle valve to the partial pressure generator. There the separation of the fuel from the engine oil takes place. The content of fuel in oil can then be measured using the FuelSense IMR-MS.

The operation of the LubeSampler is completely software driven and can be done manually or automated using the AK interface.


Functional Diagram



Technical Data Value Technical Data Value
Lube oil turnover Up to 1 l/min Ambient temperature 20 bis 35 °C
Max. oil temperature 115 °C Power 230 V/50 Hz oder 110 V/60 Hz 550 W
Oil withdrawal 200 µl/min Dimensions (B x H x T) 51 x 30 x 38 cm
Start-up time 1 h Weight 12 kg

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