Global OEM resale agreement between V&F and Alpha MOS

V&F Analyse- und Messtechnik GmbH (‘V&F’) of Absam, Austria announces that it has just signed a global OEM resale agreement with Alpha MOS, the specialist for smell, taste & chemical profiling from Toulouse. The territory covered by this agreement is Europe (excluding Germany), Japan, China, United States of America, South and Central America and Mexico.
V&F’s analytical instruments are some of the most sensitive available, and are used worldwide in many industries including healthcare, oil & gas, aerospace, automotive, agriculture, food & drink, and environmental monitoring. In many cases they are capable of detecting impurities at concentrations of just a few parts in a billion.

Alpha MOS develops and markets analytical solutions for smell, taste & chemical profiling: electronic noses & tongue. In France, the company also distributes analytical solutions including gas and liquid chromatography.

V&F and Alpha MOS have a very strong and successful working relationship and have complementary and compatible strengths, needs, personalities and objectives. In addition, V&F’s product line and Alpha MOS’s sales strategy and product mix are a logical fit.