Interface Software

For different types of interfaces the V&F Analyzers can be equipped with the following optional pieces of software that have to be licensed:

V&F AK-Interface


V&F Analyzers can work as multiplexers in an AK environment also. With this feature a host computer can control additional controllers like sample switching systems via one single line. The V&F Analyzer in this case works like a multiplexer.

V&F Connect


V&F Connect is a program that runs on an external PC and offers other programs a standard interface to control the V&F Analyzer. Your program interacts with the server by calling functions or checking properties of the communication objects which are provided by V&F Connect, which handles all the communication details for you in the background.

V&F Sensor Interface


The V&F Sensor Interface has been designed to embed the V&F Analyzers in very fast automation processes. The sensor interface includes a serial interface and a digital input. To start a measurement sequence the digital input is used. This allows an exact synchronization of a measurement cycle of the analyzer with the surrounding process.