Ion-Molecule Reaction - Mass Spectrometer


The AirSense is a mass spectrometer based on the patented Ion-Molecule Reaction (IMR-MS) and can be used for a broad field of applications.

This analyzer is the multi-purpose level model focusing applications for non limited gas components, highest flexibility and robustness all in one.


Functional Diagram


Typical Applications

As our multi-purpose analyzer the V&F AirSense is state-of-the-art for most of the applications in the following fields:

  • Automotive Applications
  • Food, Beverages & Tobacco Applications
  • Environmental Applications
  • Medical Applications

Success Stories


Automotive Industry

Environmental Industry - Immission

    Environmental Industry - Emission

    Environmental Industry - Indoor Room Air Quality

    Industrial Gases Industry

    Food, Beverages and Tobacco Industry

    Healthcare Industry

    Cement Industry

    Steel Industry

    Alternative Energies Industry

    Polymers, Tire & Rubber Industry

    Measureable Compounds (excerpt)

    Inorganic Compounds

    Substance name Molecular formula
    Water H2O
    Oxygen O2
    Carbon dioxide CO2
    Carbon monoxide CO
    Hydrogen sulfide H2S
    Sulfur dioxide SO2
    Sulfur S
    Ammonia NH3
    Nitrogen monoxide NO
    Nitrogen dioxide NO2
    Dinitrogen monoxide N2O
    Hydrogen chloride HCl


    Substance name Molecular formula
    Benzene C6H6
    Toluene C7H8
    Styrene C8H8
    Xylene / Ethylbenzene C8H10
    Phenol C6H6O


    Substance name Molecular formula
    Methane CH4
    Ethane C2H6
    Propane C3H8
    Butane C4H10
    Pentane C5H12
    Hexane C6H14
    Heptane C7H16
    Octane C8H18
    Nonane C9H20
    Decane C10H22


    Substance name Molecular formula
    Ethene C2H4
    Propene C3H6
    Butene C4H8
    Pentene C5H10
    Hexene C6H12
    Heptene C7H14
    Octene C8H16
    Nonene C9H18
    Decene C10H20
    1,3 Butadiene C4H6


    Substance name Molecular formula
    Acetylene C2H2
    Propyne C3H4

    Sulfur Compounds

    Substance name Molecular formula
    Hydrogen sulfide H2S
    Carbonyl sulfide COS
    Sulfur dioxide SO2
    Carbon disulfide CS2
    Methyl mercaptane CH3SH
    Ethyl mercaptane C2H5SH

    Nitrogen Compounds

    Substance name Molecular formula
    Ammonia NH3
    Nitrogen monoxide NO
    Nitrogen dioxide NO2
    Dinitrogen monoxide N20


    Substance name Molecular formula
    Methanol CH3OH
    Ethanol C2H5OH
    Propanol C3H7OH
    Butanol C4H9OH


    Technical Data IMR-MS Technical Data IMR-MS
    Mass range 7 – 519 amu Ambient temperature 20 °C - 35 °C
    Resolution ‹ 1 amu Humidity max. 80 % (non-condensing)
    Analysis time ›= 1 msec/amu Gas consumption** 30 – 3,000 ml/min
    Measuring range* 10^5 Gas inlet temperature 50 °C – 190 °C adjustable
    Response time* T90 ‹ 20 msec Gas inlet pressure** 0.75 – 2 bar(a)
    Lower detection limit* < 100 ppt Power 230 V/50 Hz or 115 V/60 Hz 1000 W
    Concentration drift ‹ ± 5 % over 24 h Dimension (WxHxD) 534 x 806 x 639 mm
    Reproducibility ‹ ± 3 % Weight 100 kg
    Accuracy ‹ ± 2 %

    * depending on the components measured, system setup and the settings

    ** depending on the type of gas inlet System

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