New V&F distributor in China – Palmary Technology Ltd.

Leading manufacturers of advanced ion molecular reaction mass spectrometers (IMR-MS), V&F Analyse- und Messtechnik GmbH (‘V&F’) of Absam, Austria announces that it has just concluded a major strategic resale agreement with Palmary Technology Ltd. (‘Palmary’), a trusted provider of analytical instruments for precise online measuring and control system solutions in China.

V&F’s analytical instruments are some of the most sensitive available, and are used worldwide in many industries including healthcare, oil & gas, aerospace, automotive, agriculture, food & drink, and environmental monitoring. In many cases they are capable of detecting impurities at concentrations of just a few parts in a billion.

Palmary the “Industry Process and Environment Optimization Expert” has been founded in 2009 in Beijing and focuses on consulting and customized system design and delivers analytical “turn-key” systems that are implemented and optimized for the customer’s processes.

The agreement between the two companies appoints Palmary as V&F’s distributor for V&F’s high performance mass spectrometry analyzers in the following industry fields in the P.R. of China:

• Automotive industry
• Gases industry
• Biomass and coal gasification industry
• Ship and aircraft industry
• Universities