Internal Calibration Gas Cylinders are available

The Internal Calibration Gas Cylinders are an optional add-on product for the V&F process mass spectrometers. Up to three 1l – cylinders can be installed inside the analyzer, which leaves 3 ports for external cylinders on the front panel. This feature allows a review of sensitivity and stability of the analyzers, where no external calibration gas cylinder is available.

Gas consumption is reduced to a minimum by a capillary in order to extend the usage time of each gas cylinder. The fill level of each cylinder can be reviewed in the V&F Viewer software, where also alerts on low fill levels can be set. All three cylinders can be filled with different gases to the customer’s needs.

The bottle holder frame is mounted above the electronic rack, including the source gas cylinders (Xenon & Krypton) and mounting positions (bottle holders) for 3 additional calibration gas cylinders.

Features, benefits:

  • No external calibration gas cylinders needed
  • Fill level control via the V&F Viewer software
  • Reduced calibration time, due to short line lengths

For more details have a look at the product flyer.