Exchange set for defective voltage selector switches is available

We use the pre-vacuum diaphragm pumps MV2 and MV2 NT since 2009 within our IMR-MS analyzers. Those pumps are equipped with a voltage selector switch to enable 110V or 220V power supply.

In a few cases the pre-vacuum pump didn’t work due to a defective voltage selector switch. This new article allows a service technician to exchange the defective voltage selector switch instead of the complete diaphragm pump.



Voltage selector switch for diaphragm pump MV2 NT
V&F article number 800355.

This article is applicable for all diaphragm pumps of the types MV2 and MV2 NT within the following analyzers:

  • AirSense
  • CO2Sense
  • PETSense
  • CombiSense
  • TobaccoSense
  • TwinSense
  • EISense