AK-Interface for GasOxidizer is available

The V&F GasOxidizer can be controlled manually by using the V&F GasOxidizer software. The later runs on any Windows PC that is connected via a USB or an Ethernet cable. In some cases the customer would like to operate the V&F GasOxidizer in an AK-environment by their AK-master system.

This is now possible by using the brand new AK-interface for GasOxidizer!

Features, benefits:

  • GasOxidizer can be operated within an AK-environment
  • No additional hardware required
  • Easy software installation on any standard Windows PC

The AK-interface has been included in the latest version of the V&F GasOxidizer software that acts as an AK-slave. You just need to order a software license (V&F article number 800355) and implement the new AK instructions in the AK-master system.

You can find more information about the AK instruction set in the V&F GasOxidizer AK Software Manual.